How to Take Board Meeting Minutes

The minutes of board meetings are an official record of the decisions, issues and discussions that occurred during a board of directors meeting. They assist in making sure everyone understands what transpired, who spoke what and how it was decided upon. They can also serve as a legal document to refer to in the future.

While it is not a requirement however, having a dedicated board secretary can make the process of recording and publishing minutes simpler. They can focus on listening to the discussion without interrupting. Additionally, having a specific note-taker for each meeting will ensure a more consistent, structured method of conducting the meeting. Making an audio recording can also help to eliminate any discrepancies between minutes and the actual events during the meeting.

The first stage in the minute-taking process is to verify that the board has a quorum members present at the meeting. Checking the attendance list her latest blog against the board membership records will determine who was present. If a quorum wasn’t reached, the chair may decide to adjourn the meeting or put topics on hold for a future time.

Anything that was presented during the meeting should be included in the minutes, but it’s not necessary to include a detailed description. A better option is to house all materials from the meeting in a secure portal for boards using solutions such as Boardable. The presentations and other documents are easily accessible whenever needed. This is particularly helpful for board members who are new to the position or those who did not attend the meeting.






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